Amazon Pantry Deal

Go straight to the promotion links below If you already know how this works:
_ “BUY 5 SAVE $5, 10 SAVE $10, 15 SAVE $15” Promotion:
_ “30% OFF PANTRY CLEARANCE” Promotion:
(The Clearance promotion changed. There is no more Extra 30% Off. But the Prices are lower significantly, so they’re still good deals)

Continue Reading if you need instruction.

First, If you’re not a Prime Member, you can’t get these deals. Pantry items are EXCLUSIVE FOR PRIME MEMBERS. If you don’t have Amazon Prime Membership yet, you can get 30 day Free Trial here:


Second, you need PRIME PANTRY MEMBERSHIP TO GET FREE SHIPPING for most Pantry Deals. It’s extremely worth it. You can get a 30-day Free Trial here (this link only works if you’re already a Prime member):



Third, PRIME PANTRY IS REGIONAL. Some Items may be in stock for you and out of stock for another person.

There are currently 2 big Pantry Promotions running at the same time, please read about them below and understand how they work:

“BUY 5 SAVE $5, 10 SAVE $10, 15 SAVE $15” Promotion (NO CODE REQUIRE) means buying 5 or 10 or 15 items and get $5 or $10 or $15 off your order, you can MIX AND MATCH any items in the promotion. The discount for this promotion apply at checkout automatically and do not need any code. THIS PROMOTION WORKS FOR EVERYONE as long as the items are in stock at your location. All items included in this promotion are in this link:



“PANTRY CLEARANCE” Promotion Items on Clearance with deeply discounted prices.


I recommend you to visit this link on your PC or laptop using Chrome Browser, it sometimes does not work on the phone and other browsers and won’t show you any item. Check the picture below for example of what suppose to show up when you click on the link.

*** The Clearance Promotion is tricky because it’s a regional promotion, which means EVERYONE WILL SEE A DIFFERENT SET OF ITEMS ON CLEARANCE BASE ON YOUR LOCATION. Some locations even have 0 item on clearance, so it’s gonna depend on your luck.

That’s all you need to know about Amazon Pantry Deals. Happy Shopping! If you still have any questions, feel free to to ask us by commenting on this Facebook post link below:

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